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If you are someone who frequently does short business trips to another city or country and spends a night or two at a hotel, you have probably noticed that there some things that are appreciated and some that are merely necessary in a hotel.

Traveling on business and on vacation is very different. As a short term guest you spend little time in a hotel room but this doesn't make it less important for the hotel standard to be good. In fact the hotel standard becomes more important in this case, as you have little time and need a good night's sleep. Besides this, when you are on a business trip, you need to have a calm atmosphere both to work and to fully relax.

Below are some tips that will help you choose the right hotel for a short stay:

1. If you need a silent room, make sure that there is a carpet on the corridor floor outside your room. If there is none, there's a chance you will wake up every time someone passes by your door on high heels.

2. Choose a spacious room if possible, even if you are the only one who's going to stay there. Small rooms may provoke a feeling of claustrophobia.

3. Check if the door lock is working properly. This way you will feel safer.

4. The room temperature is very important and you will always be more comfortable if you can adjust it.

5. The bed! There is nothing more important in a hotel than the bed. Make sure your bed is soft enough and the sheets have to be clean and look fresh. It is an advantage if there is an extra blanket.

6. There should be a place to sit other than the bed. It can be a cozy chair or something equivalent.

7. A TV is much appreciated. It will dispel your solitude, keep you somewhat entertained and informed about the important local events of the day.

8. The bathroom should be very clean and equipped with the most necessary appliances such as towels, bathroom slippers, etc.

9. It seems to be a trifle thing, but napkins can be so useful!

10. There should be a hair dryer in the room, as it is one of the standard appliances. If there is none, I guess there might be even more necessary stuff missing. 

11. A breakfast! It is so welcoming.

12. A minibar with some drinks, just in case you need some.

13. Some glasses and a bottle opener.

14. Noise proof windows along with blackout curtains to keep the light and eyes out!

15. Smiles! Smiling faces of the staff always creates a good mood!

Source : http://www.ginosi.com/en/blog/2012/11/08/15-tips-for-good-hotel-room-standard-for-short-stay

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