How do you activate an iPad on hotel internet that first requires browser connection?

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Ok, so I got my new iPad tonight. I'm currently in Miami staying in a hotel on South Beach (The Perry.. formerly the Gansevoort).

I start the setup process on the iPad, during which point it asks me to choose my WiFi network. I choose the hotel internet. From there, it tries to connect to the internet to activate, but after three minutes of doing nothing, then it gives me an error and says I have to activate through iTunes.

This makes sense I guess - at this hotel, to get on the internet you first have to open your web browser, accept their terms, then you get connected. But on the iPad I can't open the browser during setup, so then I can't activate the internet.

So I fired up my laptop now and plugged in to activate. I open iTunes and go to my iPad and it pops open and I accept the terms. Now my iPad goes to to the next step where I can Sign in with an Apple ID. I tap to do that, but again, there's no working WiFi (since I haven't opened the browser), so even though it's showing I'm connected to WiFi it's not working.

So now I'm just sitting here... with an iPad that I can't activate and use until I get to the office tomorrow where I have proper internet.

Sorry for the long windedness.. just trying to explain the situation. Any work around here so I know for next time? Kinda sucks. I wish they'd just let you skip into the homescreen once you activate.

UPDATE: Oh wait. right at the bottom of the screen there's a little link to skip that step and keep going through the process and getting to the homescreen. D'OH!!! Didn't see it. OK. I'm in. Internet activated via web browser and I'm good to go. LOL.

Lesson Learned: Must have computer ready to activate in case of lack of WiFi, and use the skip link to get to homebscreen. Everybody is a newbie sometimes

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