How To Tip a Hotel Maid

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Hotel maids, although often providing "invisible" services during your stay, can and should be tipped for good service. Tip correctly, and you show your appreciation and ensure the chambermaid will take special care with your room. Tip incorrectly, and misunderstandings can arise. Here's how to tip a hotel maid.

Here's How:

Tip daily. The same maid may not service your room every night of your stay. If you wait until check-out time to tip for the entire stay, your tip may not go to the right person.
Mark your tip clearly. Leaving cash or change in the room is not a clear enough signal, as a hotel maid must be very careful about taking anything from your room. Enclose the tip in a sealed envelope (check the desk drawer for hotel stationary) and mark it "Chambermaid."

Leave your tip in an obvious place. On the television, on a pillow, or on the bathroom counter are all common places to leave the maid's tip.
Tip according to service and hotel type. In a luxury hotel, tip about $3-5 each night. For an average hotel, $1-2 per night is fine. If the maid goes above and beyond in service, such as providing extra soaps and shampoos or folding towels in the shape of swans (for example), feel free to leave a dollar or two more.
Don't tip for poor service. Like all tips, if you're not satisfied with the service the maid is providing, don't leave a tip (or reduce the amount you would tip).

Leave a tip in cash, not with spare change.
If you can't find an envelope, or the hotel doesn't provide one, wrap the bills in a blank sheet of paper, labeled appropriately.
When you travel internationally, find out how to write "maid" or "Chambermaid" in the local language so you can label the envelope appropriately.

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