Art Hotel Is Decorated With Recycled Waste Materials: Hotel Design

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Interior Art Hotel And The Eclectic Mix Of Antique Furniture

Art hotel is situated in a green retreat 25 minutes from downtown, the Art Hotel is an eco resort creative with an emphasis on recycling and art, interior art hotel is decorated with art made from recycled materials. Visitors can relax in the pool, resting in a room that contains a variety of art or simply enjoy the food and focus on those who use recycled materials. Each of the six rooms of the art hotel has its own character and unique decoration, and all rooms overlook the swimming pool or the hotel garden.

Interior art hotel is a mixture of eclectic and colorful furniture and antique typical of India, in recycling and decorating with art. One suite, decorated with silver and white fabric, offers a dining table made of glass and used motorcycle. The entire table is made from recycled children’s toys and an old crate.

Recycled Materials As Decoration Materials Art Hotel

Recycled materials are transformed into decorative elements makes this hotel so the more unique and beautiful. An old key curtain that hung between the lounge and the patio outside the hotel, and there are several plastic bottles as decoration and art. In this hotel art Visitors can enjoy Indian and Thai cuisine delicious from the kitchen open. Fruits and vegetables are organically grown and harvested fresh every day. Art hotel is an artful retreat from the bustling city of Jaipur, was created to inspire guests with relaxation.

unique hotel design decorating with waste material

Pals ,Below one of hotel design with dramatic design and decorating with waste material but still cool and awesome . In the middle of building there is a round large pool and surrounded by house building include gazebo besides the pool .if you see it at a glance decorations with scrap materials looks like a vintage style interior . In the living room there are a furniture made from wooden and there is a billiards table with chandelier on the top . Wall house decorate with picture frame along with art poster and painting .

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