Wonderful Classic Hotel Decorations

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Stay at Classic Hotel will provide a different experience compared to staying in the usual modern hotel. One of the hotels that offer the beauty and luxury of the classic style is Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel in Barcelona, Spain. The interior design of the hotel is loaded with classic touches will certainly make you feel as if back to the 60s. How exactly is this hotel’s classic interior design? Let’s see together.

In the competitive business world of hospitality, of course there are many ways in which the hotel that attracted many tourists and travelers, one of them with a touch of classic-themed interior. This Magnificent Classic Hotel in Barcelona brings classic style of the 60s into the interior design. You can see the start of a very striking hotel lobby with some icons that came from that era, such as the Seat 600, the first Spanish car produced for mass. In addition you can also reminisce with unique table from old Spanish currency and iron framed benches around it. It is equally interesting is the design of the chandelier above the table. Some armchairs and rugs in bright colors also beautify the hotel lobby.

Not only seen from the lobby, when you go to the reception desk, you will also be greeted by the receptionist in the classic shirt and bow tie. Not to mention magnetic keys hanging behind him looks very 60s. The front desk also looks classic with ancient trunk decorations in various sizes and types that stacked together. This hotel is also facilitated with entertainment room equipped with a pool table and a bookshelf against the wall. The whitewashed room looks spacious with the large mirror on one wall and adorned with unique decorative chandelier above the pool table.

Bedrooms of Magnificent Classic Hotel Designs, although designed with modern furniture, but did not escape the classic touch that comes from the classic posters covered the walls and captivating dim lighting.

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