Water villas in Asia

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Most of the world’s water villas (which are usually known as overwater bungalows in the South Pacific) are located in the Maldives. That huge group of tropical atolls and islands has more than 80 water villa resorts alone, and its location just southwest of India makes it easy to reach for anyone from Europe or Asia, but there are other water villa resorts in Asia as well.

While they may not have the crystal clear lagoons that the Maldives has, these water villa resorts elsewhere in Asia each has its own spectacular island setting, and most of them offer excellent value as well. If you can make it to the Maldives then click the link below, but for the other water villa resorts around Asia, here you go.

Pangkor Laut Resort – Malaysia

Featuring the only classic-style water villas in Asia outside of the Maldives, the Pangkor Laut Resort occupies its own small private island just off Malaysia. This is a deluxe 5-star resort that caters to honeymooners and others on romantic holidays, offering excellent value compared to similar resorts in the Maldives.

There are 45 water villas that are all good sized, including two suites that are huge. There’s a first-class spa plus a long list of water sports and other activities, but this is an island resort best suited to relaxation. The hotel itself only occupies a small portion of the island, so there are plenty of places to wander and get lost, just exploring on your own.

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa – Malaysia

Only open since mid 2011, the Golden Palms Resort is by far the largest overwater hotel complex in the world, featuring 392 overwater villas ranging from modest to enormous. The resort’s location on the Malacca Straight just south of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport should help it build a solid audience from around the region.

This groundbreaking property features 5 restaurants and 2 bars, with a great range from budget through gourmet. The water villas themselves range from modestly sized up to 3 bedrooms, so even groups and families should find good value here. There’s also a huge clubhouse, an infinity pool, and a very long list of water and land activities that are all included in the price, so there will never be an excuse for being bored here.

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