Unforgetable Story from a Thai Nightclub in Singapore

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A friend of mine told me that there was a Thai nightclub that played live Thai music in Singapore. It's on the opposite site of Clarke Quay. So I decided to check it out. 

I told my freind if inside we found 'cayotes' or anything fishy I would leave. Inside, it reminded me so much of a pub RCA (a clubbing street in BKK). There were a big stage with runway in front, lots of cocktail tables n high chairs, lounge area, and dj booth at the back. It was a very simple set up very standard nothing spectacular. Even the loo was so similar to the one at Route66 pub in BKK. I felt ok about the place n couldn't wait to hear the music. 

The Thai band started to play at 10.45. I missed Thai music so much and to hear it live must be terrfic. Unfortunately it sucks. They will never ever be able to sing like this in any club in BKK. Maybe they are good karaoke singers but not stage performers. I could only hope that the band would do better later but it didnt, with some exception to a few singers that night. 

Well at the beginning I could not understand the logic of this club at all. Imagine every song the band performed, there were at least 2 singers, sometimes 8 or 10. They played about 10 songs per one round and the singers were all diffrent! If my calculation was correct they might have more singers than customers during low season. Considering Singapore is a very expensive city, how could they split the income n still survive! 

It became more interesting when a group female dancers were on stage. They barely moved, seriously a trunk of a tree could make more moves than these girls were doing. Singers and dancers dressed quite similarly n difficult to differentiate them. 

More surprisingly, the club was almost packed n most of the customers were local who hardly understood any word of Thai. Why would they enjoy the music or anything here?

Not too long the answers came right at my table 

I met a girl, the one made some moves on the stage, Thai, age at 25 meters early 20 up-close hmm not so sure, in her short dress, talking to some guys next to my table. She overheard me talking to my friend in Thai so she greeted us. And the conversation began: 

Me: (nosy me) How long have u been working in SIN? 
The girl: Just 3 weeks n about to leave next week. 
Me: aw why so short?
The girl: I don't have work visa sis. I came here as a tourist. 
Me: oh I thought you guys work here for a long period of time. 
The girl: no no no most of us works only for a month at one place. After that we move on and some will go to KL but I will go home. 
Me: I see. One month is quite an eperience already huh. But how did you know that they offered a job here?
The girl: words of mouth ka. My sis knew about it n she told me to come. Ah it's my turn to be on stage again. See you in a sec. Don't go home. 

........ After a few songs .........

Me: hey i hardly see u dance :P aren't u supposed to dance to earn money (as being a dancer)?
The girl: not really. Me: eh? And there are so many dancers n singers. How can u guy split the money? Singapore is so expensive where do u stay?
The girl: oh someone arrange a place for us to stay n provide free meal. Here I can get some snack for free too. You want some? 
Me: no thanks. But I didn't see you dance so much on stage. (not being sacastic but still didn't get the answer)
The girl: Why should I? Dancing on the stage doesn't bring me any money you know. Money is here. I need to talk to customers asking them for money. This week is bad. I didn't earn much. The best week i got 20000 thb (700 usd)! *smile 
Me: ah then u better talk to customers now don't stick with me :P (as I hv no money to give)
The girl: nah that's ok I feel bored n tired too. 

After a short while I left but the conversation kept bothering me. Ok it's not completely new but it's the first time I had a chance to talk to them like this. Some say this poor girls don't have a choice. Many of them are 'forced' to do so. But today I learned that a lot of them made their own choices seeking for the fortune in this way. And not only girls, I saw some male singers that could hardly reach the notes, mingled with middle age female customers too. 

I think in every society there is a group of people who are willing to pay for a short-term happiness and in every society there is a group of people who are willing sell to it. Thing is the porportion of these groups are getting big n obvious. Are we, Thai people, using our great smile n hospitality in a wrong way? Are we taking life not so seriously? Are we admitting to the claim of being sabay sabay (easy easy)? Can we accept that this is normal? 

I dare not to answer.

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