Marketing Tips – What A Hotel Bathroom Can Teach You About Marketing?

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When I was staying at the Travelodge Wynyard recently, I discovered a clever marketing strategy in the hotel’s bathroom. It was a cool little sign hanging on the shower promoting their breakfast service – right at the time I was considering my breakfast options. Perfect placement for that marketing piece, don’t you think?Hotel Bathroom Marketing Tip Image

Why is this Marketing Tip important to you?

One of the issues I find when working with business owners is that they market to their existing clients when it’s a good time for them (i.e. they need more revenue) rather than when it’s timely for the client – i.e. they currently need your product or service.

The reality is that when we promote our product or service at a time when our clients require it,

Their take up rate of the offer is much higher, and….
They  see it as you looking after them, rather than marketing to them. 
So the next question is………

How do you ensure your marketing messages are timely?

I am sure as the owner of your business you have a fair idea of the buying cycle and needs of your clients, so let me give you some practical examples for a couple of products and services to get your creative thinking juices moving.

Service Based Business Examples

A Dental Practice could call their patient (once the 6 mthly  reminder has been sent out) to book their next check-up appointment time (who hasn’t put that card aside until later?) That way the patient keeps to their regular schedule and saves on emergency dental bills.
As a Motor Mechanic you could contact your clients when their car service is due and get them booked in (I would love my mechanic to do this as my car is often overdue for it’s service because I keep forgetting to call and make the service appointment)

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