Tips for Getting a Hotel Upgrade

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You’ve always wanted to stay in the suite but you’ve never wanted to foot the bill. You’re probably right in being frugal with choosing the economy hotel room since you aren’t likely to spend a whole lot of time in the room anyway. But if you get the chance to get an upgrade, it can certainly add an air of luxury to your trip.
Here are some tips for getting a hotel upgrade:

  1. Ask for one. When you’re there at the desk, signing in, be friendly to the staff that’s working with you. Ask if there are any deals, free upgrades or discounts that you should know about. Honestly, sometimes asking is how you get what you want.
  2. Get involved in rewards programs. This works best if you use the same hotel chains over and over but there are some programs out there that give you points for stays at different hotels. If you travel on a regular or even semi-regular basis, you can use these points to get free upgrades to nicer rooms during the trips you take that are extra-special.
  3. Travel with a group. If you get a large number of people going to one hotel for a vacation or event, you might be able to get an upgrade for one or more of the rooms. If you’re doing the organizing, this room goes to you.
  4. Use hotels in your hometown for events and meetings. Write editorials or blog posts about them. If you use the same chain hotel for these kinds of things and you give them publicity, you’ll get some rewards. Free upgrades are one of the perks.

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