How To Save Money on a Hotel in Las Vegas

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Often times you read about great deals for hotels only to find out you have to take two buses and walk two miles just to get to where the action is. That is not the idea behind a cheap vacation. You want to enjoy yourself at all the spots that the big money people are at but at a fraction of the cost. Use these tips to finding a cheap hotel in Las Vegas to save money on a vacation.

Time Required: Patience and an hour or two
Here's How:

Las Vegas in the middle of the week is far more affordable. It still can be absurdly cheap on a Tuesday night. The defining factors are often conventions and major events but on average rooms are cheaper during the week. Avoid weekends all together, if possible, table limits are higher, restaurants reservations are harder to come by and the room might cost you three times as much.
Compare rates at different hotels. The key to a cheap vacation is information and the more you have the better your chances of saving a few dollars.
Location is important. In Las Vegas you need to have access to everything and the ability to walk from casino to casino. Hotels you should consider, each are in the center of the Las Vegas strip and consistently have lower room rates:
Imperial Palace
Bill’s Gambling Hall
Join a slot club such as the Total Rewards Club at Harrah’s properties or The Players Club at MGM Mirage Properties. The hotels offer promotions for their members that can reduce the cost of your vacation.

Check out the hotel promotions and coupons offered by Las Vegas hotels
If you like the idea of experiencing the old Las Vegas. The real thing, the genuine Las Vegas that was once the norm, head to Downtown Las Vegas and reap the benefits of cheap food, cheap rooms and low limit gambling.
See a list of cheap hotels in Las Vegas
Find more ways to save on Las Vegas Vacation
Always consider booking through the hotels directly. They usually honor any published rate regardless of where you found it. If you can prove you saw it they typically will try to accommodate you. Las Vegas Hotel information
Start planning your trip to Las Vegas by researching prices with, or Southwest Airlines Vacations. They should give you a good idea of what you can expect to spend on a Las Vegas vacation.

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