Honeymoon Packages

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Some of these packages will resemble wedding gifts: tied up neatly in in pretty boxes that say "honeymoon." But you may find, as with wedding gifts, you prefer to do your own shopping and evaluate packages as an aware consumer.

Read on, and you'll learn how to identify different types of honeymoon packages. This knowledge can empower you to choose wisely.

Most honeymoon gift registries operate by enabling couples to choose the elements that combine to provide the honeymoon they want.
After settling on a destination, a couple can list the flight they want, hotel nights, dining, cash, all the way down to small pleasures like tickets to an attraction or flowers in the room.

Good: Guests to use your honeymoon gift registry will end up giving you gifts of travel that you really want. 
Not So Good: Most registries charge a service fee, which means you'd be better off with cash.
Be Aware: You can't count on getting every item on your honeymoon gift registry bought -- which can mean you end up with a half-paid for honeymoon that you either have to scale back or pay the balance yourselves.

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