Teenager dies in holiday hotel fall in Magaluf

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A YOUNG British holidaymaker plunged to his death at a hotel in Majorca, where five Britons have died in falls in the past two summers.

Thomas Ousby, 19, was killed instantly as he fell from the top floor of the four-star Atlantic Park Hotel in Magaluf, notorious for its party nightlife and clubs.
A maintenance man spotted Mr Ousby, from Uxbridge, West London, climbing the fire escape just after 7am on Wednesday and told him to go back down.

He went inside the hotel, where he was not a guest, but a short while later the young musician fell to his death.
He had jetted out to Majorca in early June and was selling tickets for bar crawls and boat parties.
His last tweet on the day he died read: “Magas all good. Coming home sometime this week though, me thinks.”
Spanish police have launched an investigation into the death. Last month father-of-three Craig Knapp, 31, from Dundee, jumped to his death from a 10th floor balcony while Timothy James, 22, survived a fall from his fourth- floor balcony.

The previous month Sean Kelly, 24, survived a 70ft fall after he climbed from one seventh floor balcony to another at 3am within hours of arriving in the resort.
Local media reports say there have been 10 balcony falls this summer across the Balearic Islands, four of which have been fatal.
Mr Ousby’s death came on the same day Spanish police launched a campaign warning tourists about the dangers of being drunk on hotel balconies.
Last summer four Britons died in balcony falls in Magaluf, prompting the Foreign Office to publish its Booze and Balconies Don’t Mix brochure.
Two more were also killed elsewhere in Spain’s Mediterranean islands, while 10 others have been seriously hurt.

Source : http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/419534/Teenager-dies-in-holiday-hotel-fall-in-Magaluf

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