Vegetable price hike shows on hotel menu

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The every day rise in the prices of vegetables, have not only affected the kitchens of common housewives but the hoteliers as well. The prices are yet to increase but if some of them continue to hit the roof, it would be difficult for them to keep a tab on the prices of the dishes.

The rapid increase in the prices of vegetables has bounded the chefs from both sides. They can neither increase the prices of the dishes all of a sudden, nor can they compromise with the quality of the dishes. According to the chefs, not only the prices of common vegetables are on hype, but also the veggies imported from outside are also getting costlier day by day.

Vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers, baby corns, American corns, asparagus, spring onions and others, imported from other countries, have also crossed the limit of expensiveness. With the value of money going down every day against dollars, the prices of these vegetables have also been affected.

"In most of our dishes we use both Indian and imported vegetables, but with the value of rupee going down every day, prices of vegetables have been increasing every day in India, both had began to affect the restaurant business, which serves almost all kinds of dishes. We are compelled to buy them at higher prices but can't increase the rates of dishes, as the consumers will be unhappy but if the hike continues, we would no other way but to increase the rates as well," said Kalyan, a city-based chef.

All the vegetables, whether Indian or imported, have disturbed the budget of the restaurants and hoteliers. Broccoli in Ludhiana is being sold at Rs 240/kg, followed by lettuce at Rs 600/kg, baby corns for Rs 300/kg.

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