New Site Helps You Save Money on a Hotel Room By Sleeping with Strangers

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Check-in to a hotel and you’re suddenly surrounded by squawking strangers. Use Easynest, however, and you can start snuggling up to those strangers instead.

The free online hotel room-sharing program allegedly launched in May. Months later, the creepiness hasn’t worn off, critically clinging to the company much like mysterious stains on hotels’ soiled bed sheets.
“Share cost. Make friends,” the site says.

Or share cost and pray your experience doesn’t get turned into a Lifetime movie.
Easynest preys on hotel rates based on double occupancy, even if a vacation-goer is traveling solo. Interested parties list the locales they’re headed to and when, and work with a “host”—the hotel room booker—to lock down dates, costs and other amenities, such as whether or not they splurge on a late-night, hopefully appropriate, Cinemax movie.

Roughly 400 intrepid individuals have searched for equally-as-courageous souls to split a room with, according to USA Today. Here in the Hub, lone tourists are smart and not listing their hotel rooms on the site, because they’ve watched enough horror films.

Aren’t the threat of bed bugs enough? Now, you need to worry about the fleas beneath your mattress and the ones potentially sharing your pillow, snoring in your ear. Although you're able to request two beds, you're still in arm's length of a stranger.

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