Clash between hotel owner, Gorakhpur University's security guard

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On Saturday, at around 12.30 pm, a fight broke out between a hotel owner and a security guard of the Gorakhpur University when proctor of the varsity, along with other officials and security guards, reached Hotel Heera at AmbedkarChauraha to get the place evacuated by the hotel owner.

According to reports, in 1975, the hotel owner, Jai Prakash, opened a hotel on a rented land that belongs to Gorakhpur University. In 2011, the varsity gave notice to the hotel owner to evacuate the place. Jai Prakash refused to vacate the land and went to the lower court. The varsity again sent the notice in July 2012. Jai Ram lost the case in lower court and appealed in High Court.

Jai Ram accused the security guard for allegedly hitting him and injuring him. Jai Ram's supporters thrashed, Pradeep Tripathi, security guard and made him hostage.

On being informed, police reached the spot and freed the guard. Both the parties are accusing each other for starting the clash.

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